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Batteries in Duluth, MN

Are you noticing that your vehicle’s lights are dim? Maybe you’re having a hard time starting your car. If your battery keeps dying, it might be time for a replacement battery. Come to Bear's Heavy Duty, where we provide battery replacements for customers in Duluth, MN, Cloquet, MN, Superior, WI and other surrounding areas.

Long Lasting Batteries in Duluth, MN

Your battery is an important part of your vehicle. It supplies the necessary electrical current to start the engine. Even when your vehicle’s engine isn’t running, your battery is still working hard to provide necessary power to the electrical components and accessories. Your automotive battery even acts as a stabilizer for the whole electrical system. Don’t jeopardize your entire vehicle with a dying battery.

Vehicle batteries come in a variety of sizes, construction types, cold cranking AMPS (CCA’s), and ampere hour ratings. Your replacement battery needs to match your original battery closely. We sell batteries from a variety of brands.

Batteries for Whatever You Drive

We have a variety of batteries available, including these types:

  • Mowers
  • Marine
  • Cars and trucks
  • Commercial

Choose batteries from great brands like ACDelco and Factory Motor Parts. Why pay more? get your batteries at Bear's Heavy Duty.

Changing a battery is a quick and necessary maintenance that shouldn’t be put off. At the first signs of a dying battery, take the steps to replace your vehicle battery. Let us do all the work for you, from finding the right battery, to battery replacement, to battery disposal. Once our staff has helped you find the right battery, we will take care in installing your new replacement battery.We don't prorate battery warranties.

If you’re looking for long-lasting batteries, look no further than Bear's Heavy Duty. Stop by today to shop for your next car battery. Don't pay more--get your batteries here.

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